New buycraft goal! If we reach our first goal of $100 on mcsb.rocks/buycraft we will give away 5000 tacos to everyone! If we reach the 2nd goal of $200 we will give away a free Mining Away OP pick to everyone on top of the 5000 tacos! If we reach the 3rd goal of $300 there will be another 10,000 tacos on top of that! 4th Goal there will be a free DoomBlade for everyone! If you feel like helping out the server visit mcsb.rocks/buycraft or do /buy ingame. Thank you.

Free 500,000 Tacos Click Cool Survival Stuff above!

Thank you for choosing to help us. Buying packages on here help pay for the minecraft server, ddos protection, teamspeak, website, hosting, plugins, backups, prizes, buycraft and advertising. 

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We use PayPal to process payments. However, you do not need a PayPal account to purchase from us, you can use PayPal without making an account to pay with Debit or Credit card.

Wondering about server monitization and the Minecraft EULA?

ShadowBlade does not restrict Minecraft play for our players. The only perks we sell on buycraft are cosmetic and server wide.

We are NOT "Pay To Win". we are PLAY to win! :).